The Alimony Calculator is not designed to tell you how much alimony is fair.  
There are simply too many variables that have not been quantified under the
law, and no guidelines have been developed like they have been for child
support. Until the law defines a formula or tables, no program can tell you how
much alimony is fair.

What does it do?

But the Alimony Calculator can dramatically help you analyze an alimony case
by calculating how much net disposable income each party will have each
What information does it need?

You enter the parties' incomes, number of exemptions, and filing status, and
then you enter the number of children with each parent and the other
information the program needs to calculate child support.  You can also enter
other mandatory payments of a party, such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy

You can then enter a proposed amount of alimony, and the
Alimony Calculator
then calculates each party's income and FICA/Medicare taxes, child support
and after-tax cost/benefit of the alimony, and then presents you with the
amount of net disposable monthly income each party will have.

Only then can you compare disposable incomes and decide how much
alimony is fair in your particular case.

So powerful, but so easy to use...

The disposable income is derived from:

     Gross Monthly Income
                     Federal Income Taxes  
                     South Carolina Income Taxes
                     FICA/Medicare/Self-Employment Taxes
                     Nondiscretionary Payroll Deductions
                     Other Mandatory Obligations
                     Prior Support Obligations

             plus/less After-Tax Alimony Paid/Received
             plus/less Child Support Paid/Received
         less Other Child Support Items Paid
RESULT:               Net Disposable Income       

All of this operates on the idea that you enter an amount of alimony and the
Alimony Calculator calculates the net disposable income.

It can even tell you how much alimony you need
   to reach your budget.

The Alimony Calculator will also allow you to enter the target net disposable
income that you are trying to reach, and the
Alimony Calculator will do the
reverse calculation and tell you how much alimony it takes to reach that goal.
It is called Goal Seek.
The bottomline is this:

If you don't know how much each party will have
to live on each month, how can you tell how
much alimony is fair?
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