Powerful Calculations That Are Easy To Understand

  •        Types of calculations to help you:
  • Income taxes, with and without alimony factored in
  • Each party's marginal tax rates
  • FICA/Medicare/Self-employment taxes
  • Child Support
  • Net disposable monthly incomes

  •        Make the alimony taxable or nontaxable with the click of a button.

  •        True Net Alimony - The Alimony Calculator tells you how much
    the alimony award truly costs or benefits each party by calculating
    the tax savings AND the resulting reduction in child support.  You'll be
    amazed at the result.

  •       The Value of a Child's Exemption - The Alimony Calculator easily
    calculates how much a child's exemption would benefit each parent
    so that you can see where the most taxes can be saved.

  •        Alimony Range - The Alimony Calculator will allow you to enter a
    range of possible alimony awards so that you can see a range of
    results , or you can use...

  •       ...  Goal Seek - Tell the Alimony Calculator how much you want a
    party's net monthly disposable income to be, and it will do a reverse
    calculation to tell you how much alimony it will take to reach that

Easy To Use and Understand

  •        The Alimony Calculator will let you operate on one easy-to-use
    screen, unless you need to itemize the types of income (like a Form
    1040) or you need to itemize deductions.

  •        EVERY calculation that the program makes is explained if you
    need to check behind it. Click on a number and the program will show
    you a screen with the calculation of the number.

  •        Deviate from the Child Support Guidelines with the click of a

  •        The Alimony Calculator alerts you if it thinks you missed an

  •        Popup calculator if you need one.

  •        Hyperlinks to the DSS Guidelines Instructions for easy reference.

  •        Use the Alimony Calculator to compare financial declarations to
    see if a party is over- or under-withholding, and check the FICA
    withholding that is shown.
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