The Alimony Calculator ...
... calculates each spouse's net disposable income after calculating the
child support, income taxes, FICA/Medicare taxes and other obligations
of the parties so that the practitioner or judge will know how much each
party will have to live on each month ---- how else could you possibly
know what is a fair amount of alimony?

Among other things, the
Alimony Calculator automatically calculates:

  • Income taxes of each party taking the alimony into account
  • FICA/Medicare taxes of each party; it even calculates self-
    employment taxes
  • Earned Income Tax Credit and Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Child Support payable by the noncustodial parent
  • Value of a child's exemption for each parent
  • True, net after-tax cost or benefit of the alimony

And from all of these calculations, the
Alimony Calculator then tells you
how much money each spouse will have to live on after the payment of
alimony, child support, taxes, etc.

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If you don't know how much each party
will have to live on each month, ...

... how could you possibly know how
much alimony is fair?
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Alimony Calculator
Alimony Calculator

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