Traxler's Child Support Calculator 2014 ...

... is a simple, easy-to-use program that calculates child support pursuant to
the new 2014 South Carolina DSS Child Support Guidelines.

Its accuracy and user friendliness have made it the software of choice
among the South Carolina Family Court judges.

Unlike its competitor products,
Traxler's Child Support Calculator 2006
operates off of
one screen, regardless of whether you are calculating
support for sole custody, split custody or  shared parenting.  You can easily
change back and forth between types of custody, number of children, etc. all
on one screen.

Traxler's Child Support Calculator 2014 allows you to take the flat 27%
child care tax credit or to estimate the actual credit based upon the parent's
income and exemptions.  More importantly, it recognizes the IRS limit on the
amount of child care expense you can take the credit on ($250 for 1 child,
$500 for 2 or more) -- powerful calculations that are so easy to use!

All from one screen...
Click here to see a Traxler's Child Support Calculator

No more bouncing between confusing screens.
From one, simple screen, you can calculate child support for...

  • Sole Custody
  • Split Custody
  • Shared Parenting
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