The Equitable Apportionment Worksheet ...

... provides an easy-to-use tool for listing and dividing marital assets and debts.
Equitable Apportionment Worksheet allows the user to enter a listing of
the parties' assets, their values, and their  liens.  Of course, marital debts can
also be listed.  The
Equitable Apportionment Worksheet then automatically
calculates the equity in each asset.

By merely clicking a button, the user can assign an asset to a spouse and the
value immediately pops up in his or her column and adjusts a running total and
percentage at the bottom.

Or the user can split an asset into any percentage and the resulting values
show up in the spouses' columns.

But even better is the ability to select a particular asset and tell the
Apportionment Worksheet
to divide that asset in whatever amounts are
necessary to arrive at a certain overall division.  For example, the user divides
the assets as (s)he deems appropriate but wants to achieve an overall division
of the marital estate of 53% for the husband and 47% for the wife.  The user
might want to split the husband's 401k to in a way to achieve that 53%-47%
overall split.  The user uses the Target function, selects that particular asset
and types in the overall percentages desired.  The
Equitable Apportionment
will then calculate the division of the 401k needed to accomplish
that split.  Easy, huh?

And you can export the table into a Word document for easy pasting into an
Order or pleading.

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Equitable Apportionment Worksheet
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